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You can set any product you want to be a special product?
Special Products are put in a special category for as long as you want the offer to last! Specials allow you to specify a product discount either by percentage or an exact price. You can also set an expiry date for the discount. When a product is on Special, Your site will increase the exposure of the product using the various layout components in your Store Front.

To put a product on Special:
  1. Click on Catalog > Specials to access the specials screenmenu-specials

  2. Click on New Product to bring up the Specials details screen.
  3. Choose the product you want to place on special from the Product field.
  4. Enter a percentage (e.g. 10%) to discount from the product or an absolute number for the new price of the product (e.g. 12.00) for the Special Price field.
  5. Optionally, choose a date for the Available Date field by clicking on the dark icon next to the field yo bring up a pop-up calendar. If no value is specified in the field, the discount takes effect immediately after creation. If a future date is specified the product will automatically appear as a special in the store front on the future date specified.
  6. Optionally, choose a value for Expiry Date by clicking on the dark icon next to the field to bring up a pop-up calendar. The discount will run indefinately unless a date is chosen.

  7. Click insert to place the product on special.