Become An Affiliate

Becoming an ASAP affiliate is a quick and easy way to make money fast. Using the new JShipper technology, dropshipping has never been so simple.
Becoming an affililate has many distinct features that you can take full advantage of such as:

No Need To Hold Stock..
Being an affiliate allows you to send single or low quantity unit orders gathered on your website to us. Then we ship the items directly to the customers of your web site, This means you take care of the promotion and collect the payment, and the we'll look after order your fulfillment.
This means you don't have to pay up front for stock, which in turn means you don't risk having large amounts of stock your unable to sell, as well as having the added benefits of discounted rates and not having to worry about storage space.


No Manufacturing Costs...
You're selling our products as if they were your own. This means you have none of the manufacturing costs of any products you sell.

Discreet Packaging...
Due to us shipping the products in plain packaging, your customers will never know the package came from us.

Large Product Choice..
You can choose to sell any, or all of our wide range of products on your website, as well as your own.
We provide you with all the content you need to start selling online.
Your Own Choice Of Payment Gateways..
You can select any payment gateway of your choice to receive your orders, such as,
- AIM  (SIM also supported, but AIM is recommended for its security benefits)logo-yourpay
- PayPal Website Payments Standard (IPN)
- PayPal Express Checkout
- PayPal Website Payments Pro
- LinkPoint APIlinkpoint_logo
- YourPay API
- Sage Pay
- GoogleCheckoutsage_pay

as well as:

- C.O.D.
- Check/MoneyOrder

Generous Discount Rates..
Generous product discount rates are offered for affiliates.

High Turnover..Because you're not buying the stock and selling it on, the difference you make between the price you set for your customers, and the price you buy products from us, is all profit!

screenshotsFeature Rich Shopping Cart System Included....
Becoming an affiliate gives you free access to a high-tech shopping cart website that you can use to sell your products.
Choice of free templates and your own logo are available as well as custom templates*.

Website Integration*
Already have your own website? We offer website integration if you'd rather use your own instead of one of our free sites available.

Order Tracking..
With order tracking, you can easily track the status of your order at any stage. As well as recieving emails containing the status of your orders.

Affiliate Support..
We also supply technical support for all of our affiliates in the event you have any problems or queries.

Custom Stamp Designer..
Your customers can now use our unique custom rubber stamp designer to create their own custom stamp designs.
This State of the art custom stamp designer is included free of charge!

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* These Services Implement an additional fee, for a free quote or any queries you may have please contact Phoenix Web Development or graham on 01745 857490